Enlightened possibilities

We develop and apply disruptive healthcare models. Our goal is to streamline care while increasing access, saving costs and demonstrating quality. Using tech and creating content commonplace in media enhances our client’s role as a healthcare leader within their own sphere of influence.


  • Leading edge technologies applied to community healthcare
  • Multi-partner and single entity projects development
  • Healthcare consulting with state and national agencies
  • Health professions training programs
  • Medical practice technology innovations
  • Community health centers tech development
  • Grant funded projects start to finish
  • Program evaluation across professions
  • Fiscal accountability
  • Population based medicine
  • Training programs licensing and oversight (BPPE)
  • Technical writing / manuscript preparation

"Growing our programs & relationships"

“We brought in HCP as consultants to review our accountability processes and initiate new projects. In the first 100 days our clinic was awarded a state grant to develop a twelve month long Peer Support Specialist program in our Coachella Valley site. Through this program we are acquiring new and important relationships with local and regional governmental entities in our newest clinical site in eastern Riverside County.”

Franklin Gonzalez, CEO,
Central City Community Health Clinics, an FQHC

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Individual Swarm...? Swarm Intelligence... Scholarpedia defines Swarm intelligence as the discipline that deals with natural and artificial systems composed of many individuals that coordinate using decentralized control and self-organization. In particular, the...

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HCP & chatbots in Arab Health Magazine

“Having one person call one person takes a lot of human capital.” Dr. Z. Brown of Northwell Health Solutions. Steve and Liz connected with Arab Health Magazine at the February HIMSS19 show in Orlando. We talked about technologies that are changing healthcare. There...

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HIMSS19 – This was my Oscars! What a show it was in Orlando…45,000 attendees, at least a dozen (the number I attended) useful educational sessions, and more than 1300 vendors on the exhibition hall floor. I left with more than a dozen leads with whom HCP might do...

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Telemedicine in the Beginning…Through Today

In the mid-1990s the most highly touted location for the optimal use of telemedicine was in remote areas where there are fewer physicians. The argument was that the absence of specialists could be remedied by “porting in” radiologists and ophthalmologists via a hard...

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Telemedicine: Tracking Change over 20 Years

Telemedicine delivers healthcare services to patients using telecom media. Telemedicine has changed quite a bit since 2000 when HCP principals Zalunardo and Stumpf operated their model USC School of Medicine telemedicine team (and the adjacent photo was taken). Our...

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New Website

Welcome to the HCP website. We have named our group Health Core Possibilities to indicate our backgrounds and interests which are all about the opportunities created when what is possible is foreseen or imagined. Healthcare is undergoing CORE changes that will...

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